10 Money Saving Horse Care Tips

Today, everyone is looking for horse care savings ideas. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple, practical ideas that can add up to big savings.

1. Prevention:

Keep everything running smoothly. That includes your horse, yourself and your equipment.

Pay close attention to your horse. Every day, do a daily horse checkup. Check for food and water consumption, manure production and general demeanor. Scan her body, pick out her hooves and watch her walk. You’ll both benefit if you catch problems early.

Keep up a regular program of dental checkups, hoof care, worming and vaccinating.

Use caution when working around your horse. Watch for kicks and foot tramples when you’re on the ground, and injuries sustained while riding. Stay limber and in shape so you can stay on top of your horse care (and your horse!)

Keep your equipment in good shape. Maintain your vehicles and tractors to save on gas as well as repairs. Clean your tack and store it properly. Good quality equipment can last for years if you take care of it properly.

2. Do It Yourself:

There are a lot of horse care tasks you can do yourself. You can learn how to give shots, pull and braid manes, clip your horse and clean his sheath. Ask your veterinarian for instructions on giving shots and cleaning the sheath.

3. Make It Yourself:

With a few simple tools and some skills, you can make your own jumps, tack boxes and horse clothes. And everyone can make horse toys-it’s as simple as stringing up a turnip!

4. Consign It!

Visit your local tack shop. They may have gently used items available for purchase. Blankets, tack, even clothing may be waiting for your keen eye.

Take a hard look at your gear, too. If you haven’t used it in a year, think about consigning it. Couldn’t you use those extra dollars? And the extra space?

5. Barter:

Do you have a special skill? Something you could barter in exchange for horse care services? If you can fix a car, design a website, setup a home theater, drive someone to the airport, babysit…you’ve got a barterable skill. Don’t be afraid to ask!

6. Don’t Waste:

Don’t waste hay or feed. Learn to reduce horse feed costs for big savings. Protect hay to minimize loss.

7. Don’t Overdo It:

Don’t oversupplement your horse. If your horse is healthy and eating a nutritious diet, she may not need much in the way of supplements.

8. Be A Cheapskate:

Prowl the dollar stores for great bargains on things like towels, storage containers, wipes, combs and measuring cups. Never pass up a garage sale-these are great sources of used tools, vacuums…you never know!

9. Buddy Up:

Your farrier or equine dentist may be willing to reduce fees if s/he can see more than one horse at a visit. See if you have friends that may want to participate in a group visit.

A group might help reduce hay costs, too. If you can gather a few horse owners together to purchase a larger quantity of hay, you may be able to negotiate a better price.

10. Offer Your Services:

Offer to exercise someone else’s horse. You can make money doing what you love!

Saving money on horse care is more important than ever. Take the time to look at your horse care routines-there may be room for some money saving improvements!

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