8 Tips to Care For Your Horse

Caring for a pet is one thing but for a horse that is a big thing. A horse requires utmost care and attention. You need to focus and give him/her a portion of your time. Do not worry for first time horse owners; this would be a great experience. You will discover a lot of things and learn new things as well. Taking care of a horse might be a big task but with the few tips and tricks handed to you, you will be sure to breeze through the caring process and just enjoy yourselves.

Tips and Tricks for Horse Care need not to be tedious but it will surely be fun.

1. Riding your horse is not only a great experience but also helpful. It is a form of exercise but before that, it is good to check the condition of your horse from to bottom. Remember that horses need to be groomed and taken care of. Look for scrapes or cuts and mend them quickly.

2. Another part of grooming is brushing your horse’s luxurious mane and tail. Be sure to use a fine brush to deal with those tangles and make sure to pick out that dirt.

3. Before riding your horse, make sure the saddle and girdle are properly placed. You do not want them too tight or too loose. Also check if your horse finds the saddle and girdle comfortable enough.

4. You want those body toned and what better way to do it is through Exercise. Ride your horse for at least two hours but make sure you give him enough water breaks and rest.

5. Remember that too much water can make them sick. Monitor their water intake, do not go overboard!

6. Whether it is stables or stall, it is still your horse’s home. Make it comfortable as much as possible. You can use wood shavings or straws. Put a bucket ready with clean water just in case. Be sure to clean up since dirt infested stables will be sure to accumulate germs and diseases.

7. Prepare clean water and food. Feed them regularly and make sure they have green patch of grass they can grazed on.

8. Make friends with your horse. It shows that you care and so that you will get to know him/her more. Be ready with treats to please your horse.

Taking care is an enjoyable process. You just need to take it as a fun task rather than an obligatory thing to do. Love your horses and they will surely reward you with affection and attention too.

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