3 Types of Equine Massage Therapy

Equine massage therapy, otherwise known as massage therapy for a horse, is a new concept in the equine industry. This kind of massage therapy is used to relax the horse and by applying pressure on the proper pressure points to help the horse function better. Also, when there is a shock or injury situation it will help the horse to regain consciousness and keep it calm.

Equine massage therapy is a therapeutic application some people are learning how to do, as well as for opting to make it their career. These equine massage therapies help make the horse’s functionality get better and prevents them from getting injured. But one thing you need to understand is if there is a need for a veterinarian if your horse is sick or has suffered some type of injury, equine massage therapy will not help.

It is great for new horse owners to learn equine massage therapy so they can provide their horses with some extra care. There are prominent changes in Equine massage therapy, which you will encounter when riding the horse.

Types of Equine Massage Therapy

Equine massage therapy is a new concept being taught to horse owners and riders. There are many types of equine massage therapy used for multiple purposes. All these have different uses and functionality that helps your horse in various ways. Some of the types of equine massage therapy are as follows:

  • Relaxation equine massage therapy/Maintenance equine therapy massage
  • Sports equine massage therapy/Performance equine therapy massage
  • Therapeutic equine massage therapy/Rehabilitation equine therapy massage

Relaxation Equine Massage Therapy/Maintenance equine therapy massage

A maintenance therapy massage is a relaxation massage that will leave your horse relaxed. It is a common phenomenon, that if we do the same task every day, we get tired of it. The same goes for the horse. If they do the same running, racing, exercise, and hunting every day, they will build up stress. This stress building will cause the horse to not be able to perform well, thus resulting in a lower grade of performance.

This is one of the reasons horse owners are using relaxation equine massage. It will help your horse perform better and will also release any muscle tension the horse may be suffering from.

Some of the salient features of the relaxation equine massage are as follows:

  • A relaxation massage will reduce built-up physiological stress and tension.
  • It will reduce the horse’s emotional strain and stress.
  • The horse might also be going through some sort of environmental stress and this massage will reduce environment-related stress.
  • The relaxation massage will relax muscle ripple.
  • A relaxation massage will also help in the stimulation of muscles
  • It will relax the horse’s nervous system.

Sports Equine Massage Therapy/Performance equine therapy massage

If you are going to ride your horse and your horse is an athlete, this is a recommended type of massage. The name sports or performance massage states that this kind of massage will help your horse during a race and when you are riding it. It will also improve horse performance. The sports massage will help reduce your horse’s muscle tension and help it perform better.

It will surely increase the horseu2019s breathing capacity, as well as strengthen its cardiovascular system. It is best for this massage to be performed before the race or other things the horse is going to do. It makes the blood flow better and increases the horse’s performance. It produces some great benefits and you will soon see prominent differences in your horse’s performance.

Some of the salient features of performance equine massage are:

  • It will prepare your horse for a race or other activity.
  • It will also help your horse recover from exercise and perform better.
  • Performance massage will help prevent injuries since it stretches the horse’s connective tissues.
  • Sports massage will improve the horse’s muscle tone.
  • Performance massage just before a race will help to maintain flexibility.

Therapeutic Equine Massage Therapy/Rehabilitation equine therapy massage

Rehabilitation equine massage therapy is a massage method to help your horse if it has been through trauma or an injury. It is a technique that will help your horse recover from the injuries and will provide comfort to your horse. Rehabilitation is a method that will provide stress release for your horse and will also help in the formation of scar tissues on any unhealed injuries. The rehabilitation massage will also help restore the proper flow of blood that has been slowed down due to the trauma.

Some of the salient features of the therapeutic equine massage are as follows:

  • Rehabilitation massage focuses on muscular issues. Muscular issues can be related to conditions that include arthritis and other previous injuries.
  • This massage will also reduce congestion caused by poor blood and lymph vessels.
  • Rehabilitation massage will help in increasing fluid excretion.
  • It will also encourage tissue repair.
  • This massage will increase intestinal activities.
  • It will stimulate glands.
  • Rehabilitation equine massage therapy will help in cleaning out pores

Thus, through all the research we know just how beneficial equine massage therapy can be. If you are a new rider or a horse owner, you don’t just need to have the supplies required for the race or the scheduled performance only. You need to have equine massage therapy skills that will help you look after the horse and help it perform well. Be prepared to take care of your horse well and help it stay relaxed and stress-free.

The injuries may cause a slight change in performance and muscle stress may also cause the horse to slow down. What you need to do is to have a basic know-how about the horse and equine massage therapy. Then you will be able to give your horse some relaxing massages that will help it to perform well.

All these equine massage therapy techniques are easy, and you won’t have any trouble learning them. Remember to take care of your horse like you would care for any pet you have.

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