3 Basic Horse Essentials- The Saddle Pad, Halter and Lead Rope

saddle pad blanket

Basic Horse Essentials

Along with a lead and halter, the saddle pad is one of the basic horse essentials for your horse. The saddle blanket supplies your horse with extra comfort while the halter and lead rope will help you while ground training your horse. Choosing the right saddle blanket or pad is just essential as purchasing a properly fitted saddle.

What Is A Saddle Pad or Blanket?

A saddle blanket is the first basic supply you need before you saddle up for both Western riders and the English riders. It is necessary tack to supply which is put under the saddle. The blanket is there to provide the cushioning and avoid bruises on the back of your horse. It will provide your horse with some extra comfort while you decide to ride it. The saddle blankets will also minimize friction and therefore, the fatigue and will leave your horse with comfort and prevent it from the sores.

While saddle blanket is the traditional accessory for the horses, it comes in many different colors to match the colors of the horse and complement it. This saddle blanket is big enough, that it is folded before the saddle is put up. It is easy to clean. You can simply toss it in the washing machine and let it wash and dry.

This saddle blanket is famous among the western horse riders. There are also saddle pads that are used for the same purpose by the riders. These saddle pads are the same as saddle blankets and provide a similar purpose, but these are cushioned with foam and are made from different materials. It can be wool, leather or cloth.

Try to choose the saddle blanket that will not bulge underneath the saddle and does not cause friction. Also, keep in mind while buying the saddle blanket that there are no fringes. It can disturb the horse.

You can choose among the following saddle blankets and saddle pads, according to the ease of the horse and the functionality of it.

  • Neoprene Western Saddle Pads
  • Felt Western Saddle Pads
  • Western Saddle Pads
  • Western Saddle Blankets

There are some other types of saddle blankets and saddle pads, that you can find in the market, but you should choose the one that has the highest functionality and usage.

What Is A Horse Halter?

Halter is a major training tool for your horse. It is something that comes with the horse when you first buy it, but it is more of the training tool and a fashion statement. Most halters are too harsh for the horse and these halters come in the hands of the untrained professionals, it becomes abusive. Halter is there to put pressure. These halters put pressure at the back of your horse ear and make it know where you want to lead it.

These halters have such an important place and a prominent horse supply because these halters make the horse know when they misbehave and when you want them to lead to a particular direction. These halters will play an integral role.

When you are choosing the halter, you will need to be sure that it does not harm your horse. There are different types of halters. Some are narrow, and some are large and flat. Flat halters are recommended because they almost feel like the smooth hand and that calms the horse, whereas the narrow ones can feel like as if the horse is being poked with the finger as soon as you put pressure on the halter. This poking situation can irritate the horse and it will result in some trouble where the horse might misbehave and can harm you.

While choosing the halter, make sure you pick the one that is not only comfortable but also proves to be a fashion statement. It can be a milestone of the horse you have.

You can choose from the multiple types of the halters, that include:

  • The leather halters
  • Nylon Halters
  • Breakaway Halter
  • Rope Halters

The leather halters are the most famous halter among the horse owners and riders. This is the first buy of most horse owners for their horse. It is not only comfortable but it also helps in training of the horse. Whereas, it is also a style stamen. You can pick any halter that matches the hair of your horse.

Also, if you are not up for spending a lot of buck on the halter, you can easily choose a nylon halter. It is more economical and will not cost you a lot. It is an easy approach.

Whatever halter you choose, make sure the crownpiece and the noseband both fit well on the horse and do not slip when you try to lead the horse in a particular direction. The fitting of the noseband is crucial and important.

What Is A Lead Rope?

Next essential tool is the lead rope. You need a rope to attach to the halter. This rope is known as a lead rope. It is a necessary supply to have for the training of your horse. You will require a lead rope when you are taking the horse and also training the horse. You will also need a lead rope when you are taking the horse somewhere.

These are multiple types of lead ropes which you can choose from. You can choose cotton lead or a nylon lead rope. The cotton lead ropes are soft and will not give you or the horse any kind of burn. But the nylon leads are much durable. You need to chooseĀ  lead ropes that are comfortable and best fits your horse.

These are some of the horse supplies which you will need. Also, you should get your research done while getting any of the supplies for the horse.

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